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Everything You Need to Know About 2D Animation

In recent years video marketing has become a crucial part of any marketing plan. Marketers have truly jumped on the video bandwagon. Maybe that's because consumers are 4 times more interested in watching videos about a product than reading an explanation of it.

Or a majority of marketers (51.9% to be precise) list video marketing as their best form of ROI. Or even that 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product on a retail site after watching a video. Video marketing should not be something you cross off your list. Make video marketing an integral part of your communication and marketing strategy.

What is 2D Animation?

2D Animation is what most people associate with animation. This technique allows for a wide range of options based on colors and characters as well as scenes. It is easy to create a memorable character and an engaging story.  This animation style is all about flexibility and control. Businesses and animators work together to create a unique brand look. 2D animation is not just for businesses. It's a popular choice for customers. Visit this site to find out more information about 2D animation.



Like any other video style, the cost of 2D animation is determined by many factors. These include the storyboard, style frames, and voiceovers, as well as animation and special effects. These factors will make your video more expensive. You may have some elements of your video already planned as a business such as a script and character design.

If a client has prepared a script, this can help reduce the costs slightly, although there is usually still some tweaking required to a client-written script, and we prefer to collaborate on this from the beginning to ensure we get the most engaging outcome.