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Benefits of Rechargeable Batteries

The electronic devices we rely on would be useless without the technology of rechargeable batteries. The benefit of having these rechargeable batteries is that we can become more mobile. We are no longer restricted to the length of the power cord attached to our phone or another electronic device.

One of the newer batteries is the Ni-MH, actually introduced to us in 1988. Some of the benefits of the NMH battery are its higher energy density, ability to charge faster, safer to use and can withstand more abuse. They are also more environment-friendly as compared to Ni-Cd batteries. You can purchase 18650 Lithium-ion batteries online via

The Ni-MH battery is very popular in high-end electronics because of its better performance. It is maintenance-free and storing them either charged or discharged is no problem. Also, there is no issue with memory as with the Ni0Cd's.

Unfortunately, all batteries will fail at some point, they will not last forever. You can do what you can to extend their life by following some simple things. Try to avoid high temperatures as this will wear down a battery. On any device that you can change the background lighting do not set them to 100 %.

Also, decrease the amount of time the backlight stays on; you do not need more than a few seconds to see your screen for some devices. Leaving a disc in the drive will also reduce battery life because it uses power any time the drive spins.