Serviced accommodation management is an early and vital step in the service delivery process. It provides significant benefits to all stakeholders involved in the service delivery, including significant cost savings and increased transparency.

Serviced accommodation management is a hotel company's method of providing their guests with a wide range of services outside of the basic accommodation that includes housekeeping, laundry, and room service. With all these benefits, companies can save money while providing clients with more luxurious stays.

Serviced accommodation management

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Importance of SACM in the hotel industry:

Suppliers of hotel services and facilities offer significant benefits through strategic serviced accommodation management. Suppliers benefit from the value created by SACM solutions. For example, suppliers can increase their margins by offering more competitive and customized products to their clients. They can also increase their market share, generate new business and expand their customer base.

Benefits of SACM:

SACM is a comprehensive service framework that facilitates, supports, and manages the accommodation process for all stakeholders. SACM leverages its expertise in all aspects of the accommodation process to deliver tangible results. 

How to implement SACM in a hotel:

Strategic serviced accommodation management (SACM) can help hotels save money and reduce their carbon footprint. SACM is a structured management system for managing reservations that are best suited for hotels. To implement SACM, hotels must first create room inventory forecasts that detail the number of rooms they will need throughout the year, which includes information on peak demand, occupancy, and revenue.