All speed boats can not be the same. With other machines like cars, all you have to do is basically to ensure that the fluids are replenished or replaced and the daily driving accordingly depreciation is checked and replaced if necessary. 

Speed boats need more than that. Having a good boat and want to run for more and more years, you have to ensure your other investment in it including yacht bottom paint.

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Annual Maintenance

Regular painting the bottom. If your boat has a fiberglass bottom, cleaned, painted backgrounds and have the debris removed and barnacles. drive oil and liquids must also be changed. Except for the assurance that the engine life is prolonged, the medical examination annual maintenance will keep your speed boat in very good shape.


The best time to do the annual review speed boats at the same time during the winter but is winterized engine boats. It is essential to the engine when the boat is winter exposed to moisture and cold. In the engine winterizing, rinse first with water, then use soapy water to wash through. 

After rinsing, all fuel pipes and carburetors must be purged in order to avoid the accumulation of evaporated fuel deposits. The motor can then be lubricated once it is clean and dry grease employing all the regions in motion. Finally, you can put on a high-quality wax to polish the outside of the engine.