The bridesmaids are among the personalities who are important in your entire wedding preparation. Apart from planning your bachelorette party, their main function is to help you in any way possible that you will not end up haggard and stressed.

You are the highlight of your wedding and your bridesmaids want to make this thing happen. To thank the bridesmaids, a great idea that you can do is to give them special bridesmaid boxes.

bridesmaid proposal box

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Giving gifts to bridesmaids in special boxes was a tradition, but it could be more thoughtful if the items you choose for your attendants are something special.

Planning a wedding can take a lot of energy to give your bridesmaids a special gift that pampers make good sense. A special packaging bag full of spa supplies is an excellent example of pampering presents for each lady.

Another kind of special gift that you can consider is an engraved jewelry box. This is sure to be loved by your bridesmaids for years to come. Engraved jewelry boxes come in many choices to choose from.

They can keep your bridesmaid jewelry and treasure as a part of your wedding memories. On the boxes, you can include your friend's names engraved, monogrammed initials or single. There are even boxes that can accommodate a photograph.