Don’t worry if you are not good at photography. The following small tips can help you shoot photos of foods that are quite satisfying even with simple and rough devices, like your camera. Finding the right light sources tends to be the first thing we have to consider because, in most situations, light is the biggest problem we will live when photographing delicacies in the room. 

In most restaurants, light is quite dim and his tone has a yellowish tendency, which can cause problems, such as excessive noise, underexposure, and white deviation balance. Therefore, food shots will look less smooth than the original. You can hire a professional food photographer in Dubai online at

Furthermore, the shadow is another difficulty, which we are forced to face because it’s natural that our shadow will be thrown on food when we get closer to the food waiting to be shot. Despite the fact that professional photographers can avoid using reflectors or artificial light sources, it is difficult for us to do it in everyday life. 

However, a convenient and practical way will likely decide the most profitable place to take pictures. For example, we should stand somewhere closer to natural light sources. In addition, we should take advantage of photographic actions to meet the results we want. 

When we plan to take a table photo and do everything to show how rich in food, shooting from the front may be the right choice. While lateral shooting is suitable for food with several layers, such as hamburgers and cakes. 

Also, shooting from the side can reduce the shadow when we are forced to take pictures in places where conditions are bad. What’s more, controlling the distance of photography. Sometimes, getting closer and closer will make a surprising effect. This demands that we give up the whole and pay more attention to the other details.