Lithium-ion batteries are a great thing to buy if you want to cut your battery costs. They are not a new invention; they were first made in 1912. There are huge amounts to different batteries available from the smallest ones to some really big industrial type. For the amount of power that they are able to store. You can also buy lithium-ion batteries of custom enclosure design via

Most other types of power storage units are much bigger than Lithium-ion batteries. The other main batteries that could be used for the same thing are much heavier. Lithium-ion batteries' high capacity is due to the material that they are made of. Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from a high discharge rate and are very practical for storing energy efficiently as well.

One thing that is a problem is that they only last for a certain amount of time and this does not always depend on how much they are used. They can lose as much as 20% of their ability to store energy every year. This means that even if they are not used that much they will still not last indefinitely. The amount of capacity that they lose also depends on the amount of heat that they are kept in. If it is higher than they will lose more than if it is lower.

For jobs where the batteries are required to be lightweight as well as being reusable, then lithium batteries are ideal. But if a battery is needed to be very reliable or to remain unused for a long time then they might not be the right batteries for it.