You can find lots of SEO tips online ranging from beginner's knowledge to an advanced expertise. You may or may not understand all the tips, but there are some very basic tips that you must understand. You may also consult an SEO professional via to get a clear idea about it.

There are just four basic SEO tips that everyone must know and understand with a website.

Keyword density is important for on-site SEO

If you enter too few keywords into your web page, you will struggle to make it properly recognized and categorized by search engines. If you put too many keywords in you can be considered a spammer and your site can lose rankings because search engines believe you don't offer valuable content.

This makes the website designer with the task of balancing a delicate balance where keywords are well known to search engines and are visible on the page without being distracted.

Keywords that are less popular are often more profitable than highly competitive keywords

Most websites will target one or two very competitive keywords, but that doesn't mean they will make you a lot of money. Often, playing secondary keywords that are not so popular can generate more profits over time. This is because it is much easier to get high rankings for less competitive keywords.

Using incorrect spelling of your keywords can be more damaging than good

Many web designers and marketers will target misspellings of popular keywords if there is a good amount of search traffic for misspelled versions. This can be good and bad. You can win more traffic, but there will be more people visiting your site who pay attention to misspellings and are turned off.