The baby boomers are retiring in large numbers. This will be one of the most significant demographic shifts in human history, and we are only just beginning to see the immense changes that retirement will bring to our lives. 

Boomers, in general, are looking for ways to maintain their independence in senior living communities. You can also find the best assisted living in Utah County at

Senior Citizen Homes

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This idea may sound like marketing hype to some, but it is a mistake to believe that. The most turbulent period of social change the world has seen was experienced by the baby boom generation. In many cases, these people were the ones who brought about the changes.

The idea of personal autonomy was at the heart of this new way of thinking. Whether you like it or not and whether or not you enjoy it, the value and importance of independence and personal freedom are not going away anytime soon.

It makes perfect sense that seniors today look for places that allow them to feel freer than they restrict their freedom when they retire from the workforce.

It is a great way to see how it works in retirement communities. That's your first clue. You can cross them off your list of possible places to live if they don't have one.