To be prepared appropriately to travel to the wilderness, and to have a list of calculations that are ready to ensure survival, references can be done on one of the books mentioned in this article. A list of good survival gears is very important for adventure in the wild to be free of problems. You can buy the best survival gear kits from

The Ultimate Bug Out Bag Content List

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An efficient list ensures that teeth are limited, and help remove unnecessary items that weigh on the person during the trip. More importantly, this ensures that there are no important things that are missed, which can prove harm. The following 3 books are recommended consisting of smart-made chapters to prepare people who do adventure:

SAS Survival Handbook

Basic conceptualized ownership with special air services (SAS) and arranged diligently by Wiseman John 'Lofty', the SAS survival handbook taught emergency readiness. Including the essence list needed if a disaster attack occurs. 

This mentions first aid steps with the use of therapeutic plants and actions in crisis situations. Identically with the book "Moto" book, is a readymade handbook for survival techniques in any harmful situation.

Make a complete survival kit 

This book signs a variety of possible situations in various adventures even includes sports and travel trips. Written in a user-friendly manner by John D. McCann, this book helps in arranging gear firmly:

  • Food and water
  • Residence and security
  • Fire and luminosity
  • Knife and equipment
  • Multi-use items

It also mentions suggestions for practical survival kits for various transportation methods, such as glove boxes, small planes, backpacks, etc. This list contains detailed items and repeats each other's significance.