As the owner, you have to prove your effectiveness in property management and maintenance concerns so that you can increase the retention of landlord tenant contract. The following tips are very helpful for effective property maintenance and management.

You can get a good manager of maintenance or rental manager of the family, a contractor or handyman. When a property problem occurs, this is the first contact for help in organizing and prioritizing tasks that need to be completed. You can go through online sites like to get the best real estate agents for your property management.

Organize and sort out the maintenance of the entire ticket with a contractor or handyman by way of a simple online system that can be accessed by smart phone. They will be informed and look at any time or place by each party and categorized for priority.

Maintaining contact with your tenants. You may experience anxious phone calls and text messages with the contractor, trying to direct repair or repair but tenants are not informed about your efforts on their behalf unless you maintain regular contact with them.

Helping tenants as best you can until builders get there. Tenants usually guaranteed to speak with artisans directly. When you reach the artisan and the planning and scheduling of repairs, your tenant's conference call so that they can also coordinate with the repairman.

Also maintain contact with the owner or owners of property in the whole process if the repair is big enough not unless they are very demanding not to be disturbed. You get paid to lighten their load. So, load a faint reminder that they experienced on their behalf is the best way to keep their business.