Studio photographers use flash or studio lighting continues to produce light that can be controlled, moved and regulated. I recently researched the opportunities and challenges of different lighting technologies. If you want to get more information about the flashlights then you can check out the

The use of flash devices Radio Controlled leaving the photographer in charge of the ability to position several flash units in exactly the right places. Most professional photographers use flash strobes in their studios.

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The use of continuous lighting allows the photographer to see the light on the subject all the time. This lighting technology is enhanced with new lights "cool" as the color of the light of day without producing the heat associated with lights once "hot". Continuous lighting is good for photographers’ beginners but costs little more than flash configurations.

These photographers with a fixed studio will have the opportunity to choose umbrellas and softboxes to soften the light. These are fed with flash drives or a variety of other the correct color of light that is always.

For a tutorial on all things on portraiture, I recommend searching for "lighting and pose" to find tutorials that give you all the technical details of how to make a picture of the body position and facial ratio of light on each side of the face.