Peer lending services are becoming more popular as a way to borrow. This is due to changes in banking and credit card policies. First, tighter lending conditions are causing consumers to face increasing difficulties. You can also invest in person to person lending through various online websites.

Consumers find it difficult to get a personal loan or end up paying a lower interest rate. Credit card companies have also been increasing penalties fees and lowering credit limits. 

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Consumers are switching to peer lending sites to save as much as 10% compared to the interest rates at their banks and credit card companies.

Because they don't have the same overhead or operating costs as traditional banks and credit cards companies, peer lending services can compete with them. 

These savings can be passed on to lenders and borrowers through lower service fees, higher returns, and better rates. These services also offer many options for consumers with different credit scores. People with a high credit score can borrow more money at lower interest rates.

However, this does not guarantee that every borrower will be granted a loan. Before a loan can be granted, borrowers must meet certain conditions. These requirements can vary between companies.

Investors love peer lending because they can earn a greater return than what they would get in traditional savings accounts or certificates of deposit. 

Peer lending continues to gain more attention. These services offer tangible benefits to early adopters, such as lower monthly borrowing costs and higher lending returns. These pioneers could become household names in the future.