Maui has a wide choice of hotels from motels to bed and breakfasts to five star hotels. One of the most important tips on Maui hotels is to determine your budget first. How much you want to invest in a hotel? Hotel rates in Maui will vary depending on location and season, but typically fall into the following price ranges:

  • Economy (February 1 star hotel) = $ 49 to $ 89
  • Moderate (2 to 3 star) = $ 90 to $ 149
  • Deluxe (3 stars / hotel) = $ 150 to $ 350
  • luxury (4-star) = $ 350 +

Please note that reservations for hotels and condominiums in Maui, there is an additional 11.4% will be added to the hotel rate for Hawaii state taxes and living. You can find complete information about the best hotels in Maui via

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When to go

Maui rates vary depending on the time of year of booking. Peak season generally runs from mid-December to March or mid-April. In particular, the last two weeks of December are the most expensive maximum time for the trip to Maui, and. "Low" season runs from about April to November.

During the offseason, Maui will be less crowded and hotel rates will be much more affordable. The weather in Hawaii is also typically better in Hawaii during the offseason. In fact, the only reason for the high season in Hawaii comes in winter is because that is the time that people want to escape their local bad weather.

If you want to save money, avoid the crowds and experience the best time to make your Maui travel plans between April and November.