The kids just love the feel of gunge sticky and messy hands! Children explore their senses and enhance their learning skills with messy play. Messy play provides kids the chance to examine objects and raw substances such as water, sand, chalk, paint, playdough and paste in a free and unrestricted way

Messy play for kids is essential for their development. Children learn best through discovery and research, messy play helps them to improve communication and language, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills and their knowledge of the world.

The sand and water is a very popular way of appealing children in messy play activities, exciting the child tactile and sensory experience. Messy play inspires children's creativity and imagination.

Shimmering number slimy

Children just love to create and play with slime slippery and elastic! Slime mixes traditional jazz with Glitter. Mix water, liquid starch, and glue and add glitter for that additional sparkle! Then get the kids to use numbers Matter to trace numbers into slime sparkly and adds a bit of a twinkle to Mathematics.

Soap stirring Fun

The kids love creating terrible concoction and experimented with different materials!

Have you tested the soap flakes? Try mixing Food Dye and Soap Flakes with warm water in a large bowl. Make your colorful mixtures with Powder Paints.