A messenger bot is simply a program that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to chat with users on chat networks. In short, these robots understand what a user is asking and can then form a useful response in an almost human manner. These programs are great for making friends, finding info, and even receiving and sending messages. But Facebook Chatbot is not only a bot, it is also a program for web browsing.

Here are the steps to install a Messenger Bot:

Download and install the bot onto your computer. There are several versions of Messenger Bot for Windows and Mac, the most basic one is Free Messenger Bot, which is the most popular. The cheapest but still functional is the Ultimate Messenger Bot. The other main types are more sophisticated, like the Conversational Bot, which can perform in-depth conversations, and the automated Facebook Chatbot, which can perform multiple tasks automatically like posting messages and browsing the web.

After you downloaded and installed the bot, you need to configure it. It has several options that you can choose from. For example, it can be set to scan and sign into different IMs, create tabs, post comments and search for photos, post messages, send private messages, and search for videos. When you have all these options, you will be able to get started with your IMs and establish connections. If there are no IMs on your network, or if you do not want to use a third-party IM provider, you can just use the built-in system. This configuration utility also enables you to get started with video conferencing.

The second thing you should understand about Messenger Bot is that it is not only for personal communication. Businesses love it too, especially small businesses. The reason why many companies are using this application is because of its immense value for customer support. In case of any difficulty or problem regarding a product or service, Messenger Bot will provide a huge relief for the customer. If you are not familiar with customer support, then you should know that it is extremely important. Customer support is hugely valuable because if there are things that go wrong, the Bot can offer real help.

The third important aspect that you should understand about Messenger Bot is that it is an open-source application. With this feature, you do not have to spend a single cent to get started. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and messenger application such as Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger. When you have those, you can start interacting with people from different places using mobile monkey.

There are a number of popular online communities where people discuss almost anything under the sun. If you are a part of one of them, you will surely know about community chat bots such as HootSuite, Perfect Privacy, and Social butterfly. Messenger Bot integrates with these chat bots and allows you to reply to any conversation taking place in any of these chats. In fact, it integrates with different bot platforms such as Jitterbug, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and Skype.

In fact, Messenger Bot will be more helpful than those automated bots that are being used today. It cannot provide personal customer service like live support, but it can perform tasks related to customer service. It can send instant messages, share files, post links, polls, rate your voice, and read your incoming message. If we go in-depth into the functionality of Messenger Bot, we would come to know that it can work on SMS and MMS functions, integrate with social media sites, use the Facebook wall and Twitter stream, rate your voice and upload files from your computer to the server of Hootsuite.

This is why more organizations are looking for ways to automate their business process in order to increase their productivity and reduce their workload. Automating various tasks with this software is the best way to get started with Hootsuite or any other platform that uses Facebook messenger bots. Once you are already set up, you can also start getting customer support from the bot itself, which is something that a lot of organizations are looking forward to.