If you are suffering from acid reflux then you can understand that the pain can be unbearable that happens in the ulcer. Luckily, there are several kinds of acid reflux medications available in the market to lend a hand in treating your illness. But make sure that you will take it after consulting the doctors because some of the acid reflux drugs can cause cancer.

Acid Reflux

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Not everyone has a need for acid reflux treatment if a person only experiences it occasionally and for this only you need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. But if heartburn curses you every day then you might consider an option of treatment for this.

Below discussed are some of the types of medication that you can take in this, let’s have a look at them.


The most popular and fast-acting drug used to cure the problem of acid reflux. It will help in reducing the amount of acid present in your stomach, but will not able to lessen the inflammation of your esophagus.

Oral Suspension Drugs:

These drugs are used as the short-term method to treat stomach ulcers. This type of acid reflux medication coats the inside layer of your esophagus that causes immediate relief.

Anti-gas Or Anti-Flatulence:

Patients infrequently experience the problem of heartburn bloating and pressure. Medications such as Gas-X and Beano are used to treat these symptoms.

H-2 Receptor Blockers:

The most commonly used drug and is also called as Zantac. The main functioning of these blockers is to shut down the formation of acid in the stomach.