The lithium-ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery that is used in portable devices and electric vehicles and also used by the aerospace industry. These batteries use an intercalated Lithium compound at a positive electrode and graphite at the negative electrode. 

These batteries provide very high density and low self-discharge. Lithium-ion batteries are generally used for medical equipment and electric tools. The government is encouraging high tech lithium-Ion batteries manufacturers.

In today’s world, lithium batteries are widely used and are the most promising batteries. Now there is no need to change the battery again and again. These batteries are commercial in today’s world. Some of the mobile companies are also using these batteries.

Lithium batteries are also used in digital watches, laptops, and solar devices. They have very good performance and are used commonly in portable devices. Lithium batteries have been in the news lately.

Lithium-ion batteries are much lighter than other batteries and are generally very portable. These batteries can handle charge and discharge cycles. These can be square or rectangular in shape.

These help in increasing density, reducing the cost, and have no memory effect. Many electric vehicles are running on lithium batteries and reduced air pollution. Various battery packs are manufactured with very high density.