The first Volvo truck was the LV Series 1. Despite the fact that the LV Series 1 was a truck, and trucks weren't considered of paramount importance in this era at the time, it was a successful truck. Volvo sold 500 models within a few hours.

Volvo has around 40,000 employees from all corners of the globe and is currently operating in 17 countries. You can search more for volvo truck services at

Volvo currently manufactures truck cabs at Umea, north Sweden. Skovde is where the engines are made. There are also assembly plants in several countries such as Brazil, South Africa and Australia. 

Volvo is the largest truck manufacturer in the world. There are offices and dealers in almost every country. Volvo currently manufactures both the Mack class 8 and Volvo trucks at its two plants in Macungie, PA and Dublin, VA. 

Volvo's Powertrain division currently produces both engines and transmissions in a Hagerstown facility. These parts are made exclusively for the North American market at this facility.

To see how popular these trucks are, you only need to drive down any freeway or interstate. Since their introduction in 1920, Volvo trucks have steadily gained the status of being the most desired truck for truckers around the world.

In almost every country around the globe, you can purchase new or used Volvo trucks. Volvo truck drivers who are avid Volvo fans will tell you that they trust the craftsmanship and quality of every Volvo truck. 

Volvo is committed to making the world a better place by researching ways to burn cleaner fuel. Volvo is not just a trusted name for truckers, but also the name that everyone can rely on when it comes to automobiles in all sectors.