The physical therapy clinic adopts passive and active therapeutic techniques to offer immediate pain relief. This type of therapy is effective in treating problems with back pain, body pain, etc. Physical therapy can not only help restore lost mobility, but also prevent deterioration of conditions.

Some of the benefits of physical therapy are as follows:

  • Improve shared mobility
  • Improve independence
  • Reduce pain
  • Increases balance and strength.
  • Restore function

Physiotherapy in Timonium can be an effective solution for anyone in extreme pain. In fact, various medical symptoms and extensive problems can be effectively treated with physical therapy. The reason for this condition can be caused by injury, illness, or chronic illness.

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Other problems that can be treated with physical therapy include joint and muscle disorders, amputations, knees, shoulder, hip or ankle dysfunction, arthritis, work or sports related injuries, neuromuscular conditions, spinal disorders, etc. Physical therapists really help patients in recovery. of the weakening of physical conditions. They also instruct them on how to deal with pain every day.

Learn more about active and passive physical therapy care:

Active physiotherapy treatment procedures involve different therapeutic exercises. These exercises help patients strengthen and stretch their back muscles. The therapist not only shows the correct way to do this exercise, but also monitors the increases from time to time.

On the other hand, passive physiotherapy is more advanced. It is based on scientific studies and includes pain reliever modalities such as ultrasound and tens (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation). 

Patients can also be treated with hot and cold therapy along with mutual mobilization and other massages. For patients suffering from low back pain, the lumbar stabilization program can be very helpful.