Shower stools, shower chairs, and shower stools are widely used by people with mobility problems such as the elderly, people with injuries, and people with difficulty standing for long periods of time. Because of the stability they offer, they can offer consumers independence or help customers who care about bathing. 

When it comes to buying such a device as bariatric shower chairs, you may be overwhelmed by the options and features available. To help you choose the right chair, bariatric shower chair or bathroom chair, this article describes the main features of this product.

Bath bench

Like a regular stool, the bath stool has no back support and can be removed with or without hands. The arms make it easier to move to and from the chair.

Bariatric shower chair

The shower chair has a backrest, just like a regular chair. A shower chair with a comfortable backrest can be ideal for the elderly and those who need extra support. You can also come with or without your hands.

Bathroom Bench

Due to the standard size of the bath, the shower bench is usually much narrower than the one used in the bathroom. A standard bathroom chair is usually compact in size and has straight legs, which allows it to fit in most bathtubs.

After you buy a stool or chair, clean the product. Use regular household cleaners and do not use scouring powder or cleaning pads as this will remove the protective film on your product.