It is up to you and your physician to determine whether the drug is right for you and always consult with your doctor before making changes. I hope this article will give you some things to think about and discuss with your doctor. Our world is filled with quick fixes for all. If your legs are a little restless there are pills, and if you feel light blue, but not dark blue then there is a cure, and if you feel dark blue, there is a cure for that too. 

If you don't sleep there are pills and if you sleep excessively there are pills. It seems like for every emotion, every tingling, every feeling, there is enough medicine for that. The point is meditation can help with so many of these simple symptoms. Of course, some people can survive with herbal supplements and vitamins but most people with severe mental health diagnoses may need treatment along with meditation.

If you are a person who has depression or mild to moderate anxiety, or has insomnia then you are the right candidate for natural treatment and meditation will work well for you. Research has concluded that integrative psychiatry, a natural holistic approach can help overcome insomnia, but people with insomnia rarely know about this approach, they are too busy looking for drugs that can make them sleep or complain about how nervous their sleep is. However, when asked if they meditated, most of them said no.

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Research also shows that meditation helps overcome mild to moderate depression and anxiety. So, if research shows that meditation helps overcome insomnia, why does insomnia not mediate? There are various reasons but the point is, it takes time to create habits and meditation takes about 20 minutes a day and some people just don't want to spend 20 minutes meditating when the pill only takes 60 seconds.

Meditation does cure that drugs cannot even be produced. This offers silence which helps cells in the body heal themselves naturally, especially the central nervous system. So any chemical imbalance in the body can be overcome only by practicing inner silence. In addition, meditation allows your attention to be from forms of negative thinking which in turn allow negative thoughts to lose momentum and eventually disappear.

Depression and anxiety can be easily reduced by combining meditation and some forms of therapy whether it is a life coach, spiritualist, emotional health practitioner or counselor, integration of some forms of speech and meditation can really reduce if it does not reduce many symptoms.