Emerging technologies offer many exciting new products that will benefit businesses and consumers in many industries around the world. There are many expanded polystyrene building products widely used in the packaging, construction, display, media, film, graphics and electronics industries. You can choose the Nicsons Building Products for polystyrene construction. 

Source of experience

There are many experienced and professional manufacturers and retailers on the market that offer specialty polystyrene products used in a variety of settings such as construction, renovation and storage.

Product application

Products made of expanded polystyrene have a wide range of uses. They are made of a highly flexible EPS material which can be manufactured in various densities with great properties such as high durability and low weight. The product offers high impact protection as well as a plasticizer, which makes it ideal for safe storage or packaging.

Industrial product varieties

Expanded polystyrene products are usually manufactured in the form of balls, packaging containers, sculptural blocks, graphics, logos, numbers or letters, and boxes for buttons and plates.

Consumers are very creative in using polystyrene products to their advantage, although great care must be taken to reach their full potential without harming the environment. Quality control plays an important role in ensuring that the polystyrene delivered is exactly what the customer ordered.