When it comes to shopping in Indonesia, this country has some of the best and finest series of markets. Instead of spending additional time experiencing the beaches or islands, you need to take some time out for shopping. If you happen to visit Indonesia in the next few days, the consider visiting some of these markets.

  1. Pasar Terapung Lok Baintan – Locals and tourists come to this market as it comes in the form of floating. Yes, you read it correctly, everything in this market floats on water. You are bound to get accessories, souvenirs, groceries all at a great price.
  2. PasarCibaduyut – If shoes are what you’re after, then consider heading to pasarCibaduyut. This market is home to nothing but comfortable and awesome shoes made for both men and women.
  3. PasarGede Solo – If cultural and valuable things are what you’re looking for, then the PasarGede Solo is the perfect market to head over to. What makes this market so astonishing is the fact that there are 3 main features you are bound to see. The adornments of the Japanese, environment of the Chinese and architecture from Europe. You are bound to see locals buying food items along with groceries.
  4. Sukawati Art Market – Located in Bali, at this market you are bound to find traditional statues, silk fabrics, handmade bags, paintings etc. Head over to this market instead of the already spectacular modern shopping malls.

Before you head over to these awesome markets, it is best to get the best package for your Indonesia tour.