Packing is one of those tasks not many people like. And by not liking, many amateur or inexperienced travelers make the mistake of packing their bags with the wrong items making their journey miserable. Now when it comes to hostel packing, it is important to bring items that are necessary. Here are a few things you should bring along with you while staying in a hostel.

  1. Padlock –This is one of the small yet handy items you should never ignore to bring along. A padlock helps to keep the items in a safe manner. These tips will help you to bring the correct locker. For one; ensure that you bring the right size. Second; avoid bringing a massive and heavy padlock. And finally; a number mechanism padlock is enough.
  2. Dry Towels –Try to bring a small towel that is capable of drying quickly. Avoid bringing a larger towel as it will only lead to taking more space. Moreover, hostels also offer a clean towel for all travelers.
  3. Earplugs and Facemask – These are two of the most crucial items you can never forget to bring along with you. Earplugs work best during sleeping and working. While facemasks are also a great alternative to sleep without the disturbance of lights.
  4. Basic Toiletries – Basic toiletries must include a toothbrush, pocket-size shampoo bottles, hair and face care products, deodorant, sunscreen etc. Make sure these items are small and not large in size.

These are some of the important items to bring along with you while staying in hostels of Indonesia.