Although they may not be everyone's cup of tea, snakes are widely popular family pets. While there are some important pet supplies when keeping a snake, you will need to take care of your reptile friend effectively.

One of the pet supplies you will need is a snake cage. It doesn't always have to be a cage and often a regular terrarium will suffice. There are also specialist plastic enclosures that can be used. Any enclosure needs to be secure enough to prevent a snake from escaping. The last thing you want is an evil snake loose somewhere in the house. You can browse sites like to find the best reptile enclosures for your pet.

Snakes and most types of reptiles will need a separate heat source to regulate their temperature. While pet supplies like a heat source are fairly common, it is important to understand your pet's more specific needs with the species in mind.

Snake cages can be heated using a heat lamp or tank heater; Many people prefer lamps, especially when combined with a rheostat because it allows for more precise temperature control.

The cage should usually have some form of substrate; This may once again be based on the species of snake, although often materials such as newspaper, aspen shavings, and cypress mulch are used. Your choice of substrate should be based on what you will need for the pet snake to thrive in captivity.

When it comes to lighting many keepers choose to use UV lights. While there is currently some argument over their use, it should be remembered that artificial lighting is intended to replicate conditions that exist in the wild, with some element of UV light later to be included in your choice.

As well as the pet supplies mentioned above, it's also important to make sure your snake has things like a water bowl, a snake hook to handle, and the appropriate cleaning products.