Thumb sucking, despite what you hear, is an activity quite normal, natural and healthy for your newborn and child to attend. Children usually overcome this habit at the age of three if they have begun to do anything, no physical or psychological side effects whatsoever.

However, some children do not break this habit and if it continues at the age of 4, 5 and 6 ever, your child may be at risk or already developing some of the problems associated with thumb sucking. Some problems can be misaligned teeth, a Lisp and poor development of the mouth and jaw. To stop thumb sucking of your kid, you can visit

There are a few ways to go to get your child to stop sucking their thumb:

Taste – There are products that you can place on the thumb of your child that a rather unpleasant taste. These are, of course, quite safe and licensed physicians. This reinforces an immediate stimulus with thumb sucking is bad with the bad taste of the thumb.

Praise – When the child does not suck his thumb for specific periods, be sure to let the child. This provides positive reinforcement for something well done.

Pay more attention to the child – Thumb sucking often continues because of a feeling of insecurity and the need for comfort.

Older children – Ask them to help you choose the method they would like to try. This will give them more control over the judgment.

There are more ways, but the above are well tested and proven to help any young child break the habit of thumb sucking. The most important thing to remember is to support and encourage them to help them break the habit.