Rules for how to sell a business that is different today than they were just a few years ago before the mortgage crisis and the economic crisis that followed.

Difficulty obtaining loans and the purchase of a larger buyer uncertainty because of the fragile state of the economy has made it necessary for owners of small and medium enterprises, if they want to sell successfully, to implement a strategy that addresses the current problems. You can also hire an expert who could help you in selling a business.

Important principles that help achieve sales are:

1. Prepare a more complete business: Along with extreme mood cautious buyers in this market, it comes under the limit of tolerance for companies that are sold that are not presented in the best possible way.

2. The super preparation is also recommended: In addition to getting the basics taken care of, the entrepreneur who knows how to sell a business in this economic climate will have difficulty contacting local business banks, notably the SBA-backed loan, to get your "pre-qualified" for a loan.

Another form of super-preparation involves the preparation of a marketing plan which, when shown to prospective buyers, providing a blueprint for the new owners may follow in order to increase revenue.

3. Be prepared to help finance the transaction: Some sellers in this market who originally wanted an all-cash deal has found that businesses do not attract much attention can quickly become more attractive to the buyer if the seller is willing to take back a portion of the purchase price.