You may be looking for a new steam generator iron or have bought one recently and are now considering your options as far as ironing boards go. There are a few reasons you could be doing this; perhaps you’ve just bought your own place for the very first time and do not own an ironing board? Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough for mum or dad to do your laundry up until recently? Or maybe you’re looking for a new ironing board for your steam generator iron?

The latter of these suggestions may be most likely to apply to my readers since many are going from a regular steam iron to a steam generator iron. Many find that their old ironing board which was perfect for their steam iron is no longer fitting for them. Often the steam generators can take up a lot more space than is available on some of the smaller flimsier ironing boards.

Below are the standard sizes you will usually find ironing boards built to:

Size A: 110x30cm

Size B: 124x38cm

Size C: 124x45cm

Size D: 135x45cm

Size E: 135x49cm

The things you must consider when it comes to size are whether the size of the ironing board is big enough for your needs and whether the ironing board is compact enough to be stored in your home. If you’ve recently bought a steam generator iron, you may be finding yourself with a newfound need for a larger ironing board so perhaps size C, D, or E may be more fitting for you. I would say, however, the most important thing is to check that your ironing board fits where you want to store it.

When I bought my first steam generator iron, I got overzealous and bought a huge ironing board to go with it. When I brought it home and unpacked it, I was thrilled with it and it felt like it would be much easier to iron with. I was very disappointed, however, to find that the ironing board was approximately 10cm too long to fit in my cupboard. No matter how nice I felt like the ironing board was, I had to return it. I ended up buying a similar board that was about 15cm shorter that fit easily into my cupboard, but the moral of the story here is you really need to pay close attention to these sort of things. You may have to compromise on size to ensure that your functional needs and your storage needs are both met.

The main feature you should look for when purchasing an ironing board for a steam generator iron is one with an iron rest that is suitable for a steam generator. You may have recently bought a steam generator iron and found that your iron only has an iron rest that is suitable for a steam iron. You definitely want to ensure that your ironing board has a suitable iron rest, not only can it look really silly and be impractical to rest a steam generator iron on a steam iron rest, but it can be very dangerous. Can you imagine your child runs past and knocks off the heavy steam generator?

You may also want to look at different iron covers for cosmetic reasons, but I promise you that this is the least important step in the equation and should not be a big factor in you deciding what type of ironing board to get. You can generally pick up a wide variety of iron covers from most supermarkets for dead cheap in a number of different sizes.