If you are like many of my friends, you can try to figure out how to overcome the fear of height so that you can do simple tasks every day that most people do easily. 

Some people just by looking at the top of a high-rise building suddenly experience a severe panic attack and anxiety. You can also navigate to this site  to get the best information about fear of flying.

Fear Of Heights

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I will show you how to overcome your fear of heights by following a few simple steps. You see, there is no medicine that can eliminate your fear.

By following the steps you have shown here, you will be able to create your highly effective treatment for all types of phobias.

You will develop a life skill that you can use regularly to eliminate the fear of high places, fear of flying, fear of public speaking, and all sorts of fears. Join others like you who experience the fear of heights.

Smarter people who aspire to remove fear from their lives engage in anxiety, acrophobia, and panic attacks from a community or forum where they are able to receive valuable suggestions and learn from the experience of others.

Try to engage in specific healthy exercises to calm your body. Exercise helps to calm your body in many ways, including releasing healthy brain chemicals that calm the body and eliminate body sensations and fears, reducing your immune system chemicals which can worsen fear and increase body temperature, which calms the mind and body.