While plants grown in soil can get the essential nutrients they need, hydroponic systems will allow you to make sure that your plants have the right nutrients. It is possible to use ready-made hydroponic nutrients concentrates and add water. 

You can also make your own hydroponic nutrients solution with some basic ingredients. It is the best option to buy organic hydroponic nutrients from  Nuvia Technologies at affordable prices and help them to grow your plants.

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Here's how it works:

1. To fill your hydroponic system's nutrient reservoir, pour enough water into a tub, bucket, or tank. Be sure to measure how many gallons.

2. Use a pH test kit to determine the pH of the water that you will be using in your nutrient mix. This kit can be purchased from suppliers and hydroponic stores. 

3. Two teaspoons should be used for each gallon of complete dry fertilizer, which is water-soluble. 

4. For every gallon of water, add one teaspoon of Epsom salts.

5. Combine all dry ingredients with water. Stir until the powder and crystals are completely disintegrated in the water.


Mix one or two additional batches of hydroponic nutrients if your hydroponic reservoir holds enough water. Don't fill the container too full. Otherwise, the hydroponic nutrients could spill out as you mix them.