Nowadays cigar smoking is growing day by day. But many people are unable to find the best quality cigars according to their preferences.

Here you will find an approach to how you can find the perfect cigar:

Visit a local smoke shop that specializes in this. You can also look for the best high-quality cigars via

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You can find high-quality cigarettes there. Don't go to the cigar drugstore. Yes, they may be affordable, but the feed, irritants, and preservatives are of lower quality. 

The highest quality cigars are cigars with 100% tobacco. It's absolutely free to ask the seller or the person in charge if you have any questions about their product. 

The shops are full of information so they have the opportunity to answer your questions and help you decide which cigars to choose.

Don't shop online. All you have to do is go to your local tobacco shop where you can touch and smell the product and provide information on the solution. If the stack is of the highest quality, it will be slightly compressed. 

The shape should be perfectly flat and dense, without any soft, strong parts. The packaging of the cigar must not change color and dry out. It shouldn't be harsh, but it should be wrapped tightly. 

By looking at the end of the product and examining it, you can tell if the inside of the tobacco is evenly colored. And rightly so. 

There may be a slight difference in color, but a sudden change, in contrast, means the cigar rolls wrong, affecting its burning and making the cigarette smell bad.