Traffic jams can greatly endanger the safety of children. Therefore, it is imperative, to find solutions that can effectively reduce this problem. The most common solution to the problem of traffic congestion is to reduce the number of children carrying private vehicles to school. Here are some possible answers to this dilemma:

Educating Parents – Parents need to be aware of road problems that affect the safety of their children when going to and returning from school. Parents must be educated about the dangers of traffic violations, the modes of transportation their children use, and about their role in reducing traffic congestion and improving student safety by simply following the rules of the road. This information can be given in the PTA bulletin or distributed in leaflets given to parents. Once parents have this information, they will be more careful when going in and out of school.

One can easily manage dismissal time by having proper childcare management software via

Car pickup lane – Having a pickup lane can significantly reduce congestion problems. They allow for certain areas where private vehicles can pick up children in an organized manner.

Establish parking zones and sidewalks – Using signs and walkways to expand pickup areas, create temporary parking zones and no parking zones, can reduce congestion in the nearest school area.

Traffic Lines Synchronization – This is a simple but effective approach. Check the existing traffic lights and then revise the time to synchronize with the time of the nearby school stops. In fact, this step requires coordination with the traffic authority in the location. This might also be ineffective especially if time lights are not the main source of traffic jams.