For decades, the wilderness therapist and outdoors educators have combined the healing and restorative powers of nature into a program designed to help troubled teens overcome personal challenges, regain control over their lives, and put themselves back on the path to health and happiness.

And although experts do not agree on exactly why a wilderness adventure therapy for at-risk youth to work well, the history of the case and several studies have shown the dramatic effectiveness of wilderness therapy programs are managed and performed properly.

A Brief History Of Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness program after migration from Europe to the United States in the 1950s, several programs across the country began to incorporate the principles of therapeutic wilderness and outdoor education.

According to an article, "the emotional and psychological benefit” is experienced by the client of wilderness therapy and encourages to meet the specific needs of the troubled teens.

Today, hundreds of wilderness experiences are available with dozens of programs that offer treatments for individuals such as substance abusers adolescents and adolescents with behavioral disorders.

There are many leading providers of wilderness therapy and outdoor education for troubled adolescents. They provide programs that offer an enlightened, innovative approach to helping young people who are struggling with emotional issues, behavioral challenges, or substance abuse.