How does living food cure cancer? Well, technically they don't. But they can provide ingredients for natural healing. The theory behind eating raw food as a natural approach to cure cancer is very simple. Living food gives the body what it needs to heal itself. In other words, it's not the food itself that does the healing.

The right food, however, can provide the body's immune system with the materials it requires to reverse disease naturally. Find more info about nutrition for cancer patients via various other online sources.

There is a reason why you can find so many healing testimonials on the Internet about people who adopted a living food diet and saw their cancer go away.

It has to do with the fact that there is a huge grassroots effort, made up of thousands of individuals, who discovered the truth about living food for themselves. After discovering it they just had to share it with the world.

Conventional medicine has a very poor track record for treating cancer. Patients who experience it routinely die because of the treatment, not cancer that motivates them to submit to harsh procedures.

Choosing to eat the right plant-based diet offers a "nutritional option" for defeating cancer among those who do not wish to go the conventional medical route.

When individuals choose to use diet as a tool for defeating cancer they discover that a cancer-fighting diet is as much about avoiding toxic food as it is about ingesting the right food.