If you've bought sisal rugs because of their natural beauty and their durability, you'll find it pleasing that cleaning sisal rugs doesn't pose an issue. It's fairly easy to clean sisal rug because dirt particles sit loosely within the pattern of weaving. Whatever your friend advises about cleaning your sisal rug, the first rule of thumb is to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines. 

It's because different sisal flooring options are the same. They may have a diverse percentage of wool, sisal along with other types of materials. It's always good to clean your home in a variety of directions. It is a good idea to sweep your sisal rugs at a minimum of once a week. You can buy rugs from Source Mondial, a sisal specialist online.

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Even if there is no dirt on your rug it is essential to perform certain vacuum operations on it. Most people are unaware of the fact that dust and dirt aren't evident on natural fibers like sisal and Jute. Applying a damp mop to the sisal rug can be a good option if you are in a humid area. Be sure to use a rumdam mop only after you have vacuumed it thoroughly. 

But, it is not recommended to apply a damp mop to the rug made of sisal-wool blend. This is only appropriate for a 100% bounce or sisal rug. Natural fibers such as sisal and bounce will get stronger with an application of water but wool sisal-wool blends are able to shrink in size because of this.

Blot the spilled or wet areas of sisal material using the aid of a dry towel. It is possible to use an absorbent powder after you have blotted it up. Remove the remaining residue using the aid of a brush, and then vacuum once more.