Commercial businesses will require to have their locks repaired or rekeyed at some point. Although most business proprietors understand that a Commercial Locksmith should be called in such cases, many managers and owners are not aware of the further security services that a commercial locksmith can provide. We will now briefly discuss the most commonly provided services by a commercial locksmith.

The restricted key system is a simple way for the manager or owner to gain access to all areas and offices of the business while limiting other employees to their offices. A restricted key system can be used by business locksmiths to provide simplicity and key control. You can learn more about restricted key systems from

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As stated, a mobile locksmith can make keys and rekey locks on-site. This is often due to employee turnover, lost keys, or changes in ownership or management. There are often too many doors and keys. It is easy to get overwhelmed. It may be time for a master key system. 

Key Control is a critical security concern for businesses. If you don't know who holds the keys to your business, you can't rest assured that everything will be the same as it was the day before. You cannot have key control if you don't know for certain that their keys won't be copied.

A commercial locksmith can also provide a valuable service, such as the repair or installation of emergency exit devices. A single-function exit device is needed in most industrial buildings, where the conventional occupancy exceeds a certain threshold based on the square footage.  

Professional locksmiths can sell safes and deliver safes. They can also open safes and fix them. A locksmith is the best professional to call when you need business safes.