Over the entire history of the World Cup, various players have made history, themselves. To retire the World Cup is the dream of many players around the world and many of these players influence. In honor of the FIFA World Cup is ready to start, here is a list of greatest performances ever seen in the history of the tournament.

1. Gerd Müller in 1970, West Germany

It was 1970 when a young German by the name of Gerd Muller showed the World Cup an inspiring performance as he led Germany to third place. You can keep yourself updated from world cup soccer matches.

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He was able to score hat tricks in two consecutive match in the Group Stage against Peru and Bulgaria and placed West Germany in the quarter-finals.

There, Muller scored the winner against England. This sets up a semi-final match with Italy in which he scored two goals in extra time. Although the Italy made a big comeback and pulled out a 4-3 win in what is referred to as the "Game of the Century", West Germany went on to win third place and is largely credited to Muller.

2. Sándor Kocsis, 1954, Hungary

The World Cup in 1954, starting with the Hungarian Ferenc Puskas advanced injury. This gives fellow forward Kocsis riveting legendary opportunity which he did with three and four goals achieved against both West Germany and South Korea.

He scored two goals in the quarter-final against Brazil and two additional times in extra time to play Uruguay. This puts Hungary in the final. With a record total of 13 goals in the 1954 World Cup, Kocsis made a history that has not been acheived by anyone till now.