If you recently installed a swimming pool in your yard, you probably can't wait to spend all of your time outdoors enjoying the sun. However, it's easy to ignore the laws surrounding Australian swimming.

One of the main reasons people don't want a fence around their pool is that it is unattractive; blocking the pool view and making the pool room appear enclosed. But every pool should be fenced to ensure the safety of people around the pool and in the surrounding environment. 

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There are many choices of fences, including wrought iron, wood, aluminum, and glass. Although iron and aluminum fences serve their purpose, they tend to block some views. The wooden fence completely blocks your view. The best option for safety and visibility is a glass railing.

Glass railings are an elegant way to keep people safe from your pool while providing you with the perfect outdoor pool area with a beautiful lawn view.

This fence is strong, sturdy and durable. They add sophistication to the unremarkable concept that fences come with. They also prevent your pool space from feeling closed and claustrophobic. Since pool safety is one of the most important things, fencing is important.

Apart from owning a fence, Australian law requires you to have a fence that is at least four feet high. The fence should completely circle the pool, start at the ground and have a gateway for entering and exiting the area.