Having a set of rules or guidelines for what will be acceptable during the discussion can save thousands of dollars in legal costs and stress months for couples who work to negotiate divorce solutions.

Below are some rules that include a number of reasonable items whose purpose is to make a discussion of a fight. As much as short-term relief because ventilation emotions can carry, in the middle and long term, the only people who get is a lawyer. You can get forms of uncontested divorce in Ontario online at https://divorcego.ca/uncontested-divorce-in-ontario/.

Every time you or your partner disagree, react excessively, or a storm from the discussion, your lawyer is paid (for the appointment of the meeting and the next one which will now be needed to cover the same land again).

That is the financial costs. The emotional cost is what haunts frustration makes someone more frustrated, something facing separation or divorce does not need more. It uses your ability to complete the past, regroups, and look forward.

Fair fight rules:

Start correctly. Have at least one possible solution for each topic in mind before you start. Turn off the cellphone and whatever will distract you.

Stay open. You can’t get to the solution if there are parts shells through discussion. Also, let your partner ‘spill’ can give you valuable insights about what is needed to achieve resolution.

There is no violence. Ever. Punching, kicking, and even calling or swearing harmful, unproductive, and not permitted.

Speak yourself. It doesn’t matter whether their mother, your mother, or plumber agree with you. You yourself are responsible for whatever position you take.

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Last Modified: December 5, 2020