That could be the wood used to build your home as well as wood used to construct furniture, old instruments, antiques, etc. Termites are different from Subterranean termites as these can be indoors and live without water. 

We know termites can do billions of dollars a year in damage as they destroy wood. But you can control these termites with the help of pest control assistance.

There are different types of termites and the drywood termite is unique in that it lives within the wood it eats. It requires absolutely no moisture. It doesn't build structures to allow access to anything – it just finds an opening in a piece of wood and then begins the tunneling process.

Drywood termites do not like to live with their mess, so they form what are called 'kick-out' holes to push these fecal pellets out. If there are a lot of drywood termites doing a lot of damage, there could be multiple kick-out holes and multiple sawdust piles. 

As soon as you witness this damage, you want to arrest it. Treating drywood termites involves filling the tunnels with an all-natural, 'Green', and effective pest control product that controls them. Be sure to choose a company that uses a product with clear instructions and one that is not composed of synthetic chemical pesticides.