Wood architects usually manage the structural design of the house and try to coordinate the structural design with all the other systems in the house such as windows, doors, air conditioning, and wardrobes. 

Home wood architects can help with the difficult process of turning the dreams and desires of homeowners into functional floor plans that cover all the desired spatial, interior, and exterior functions due to budget constraints and realize your plans (also known as “realisere planene dinein Norwegian language).

There are many types of original wood floors, each with its appearance. Old or new floors, characteristic lines of parquet floors, wooden floors, and strips, and mosaic boards and wooden beams from the ends.

Engineered wood flooring is available in various sizes, from 14mm 3 strips to 20mm structured width boards or Striped floor. Hardwood floors can be nailed silently to a wooden floor or glued to a concrete floor. 

Unlike wood floors, however, it is not recommended for use with underfloor heating systems. Stripes with lines are very easy to care for and can be sanded repeatedly to improve their appearance, which makes them good for the price.

By asking design questions early in the process, knowing the latest construction materials and technology, and providing detailed design drawings, architects can enable a more efficient tender process and avoid expensive design errors on site. They all lead to better end products and satisfied homeowners.