As new cyber security threats arise, it's crucial to maintain policies up to date to secure your company. Your employee handbook needs to include a multi-tiered IT security plan made up of policies for which all staff, including executives, management and even the IT department are held accountable. For more information about dfars nist 800-171 you can see here now .

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Confidential Data Policy

Your company identifies cases of confidentiality and how data should be handled. This information is often like documents, which must be backed up regularly and will be the target for many cyber activities.

E-mail Policy

E-mail can be an easy way of giving information, yet if written in the wrong hands, a written document of communication is also a source of accountability. Continuing an email policy provides consistent instructions for all received and sent e-mails and integrations that may be employed to access the business network.

Network Security Policy

Protecting the integrity of the corporate community is an important part of the IT security program. Keep a policy, such as a process of installing, servicing, maintaining, and  rather than specifying technical instructions to guarantee network infrastructure. 

Also, this policy may include password generation and storage, security testing, cloud backups, and processes around network hardware.

Wireless Network and Guest Access Coverage 

Strict guidelines must be followed to control the risks not directly accessed by your IT team on the network. When guests visit your business, you may want to limit their access to outbound Internet use only for example and add other security measures for anyone with access to the company's network.