Whatever the reason, almost every homeowner has purchased ceramic pipe at some point. A lot has changed in the seal world in recent years. When in doubt, just go to a hardware store and check the sealing department. 

There are many formulations on the market, many of which combine the base ingredients in different ways to improve properties such as curing time, ease of cleaning, durability, and flexibility. You can find out more about professional caulking services.

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Today we are easily crushed by the number of compositions, colors, and containers. So how do you decide which pipe to buy? The first consideration when choosing the right adhesive is its application. Is it suitable for indoor or outdoor use? 

What are you trying to achieve – will it protect from the weather, hide unpleasant gaps, or block currents? And does the application need flexibility?

Latex: Latex sealants are easy to use. They are basically water-based bases that are applied as a liquid. They have the least stretch, so are best for indoor applications where little movement is expected. 

Today, latex is often combined with other types of fillers, such as acrylic, to increase its effectiveness. The lifespan of latex hair is 5-10 years.