3 Museums to Visit in Vienna

Vienna is a city that is vibrant, with so many different attractions to visit you will always have the option of visiting new places in the city.

Vienna, the Austrian capital has such a diverse history, including the period of the Baroque movement and the Napoleonic wars and so on. You can take a complete guide from the sites like https://www.vienna4friends.com/ for your visit. There are a number of museums are located in Vienna. When in Vienna these museum should be on your travel itinerary:

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1. The Liechtenstein Museum is located in Vienna has derived its name from the building a prince of Liechtenstein, which is one of the oldest noble families in Europe. The museum has a collection of works from the Renaissance to the Baroque period, including paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck. Badminton Cabinet on display which is the most valuable piece of furniture in the world.

2. Schatzkammer in Vienna can be considered as one of the world's largest repertory. It has been divided into two parts: the Imperial Profane and Sacerdotal Treasuries. The first division displays the crown jewels and the collection of imperial wealth, while the other division consists of ecclesiastical treasures.

3. The Austrian Theater Museum is located in the baroque Lobkowitz Palace Vienna, is the national museum of the history of theater representing Austria. The museum came from the Austrian National Library Theater Collection, which went as far as a very attractive Baroque era.

The museum depicts the history of theater in Austria with costumes, photographs and other related exhibits are on display. It is wonderful to be able to admire art and the people of Vienna through various periods of time which allows you to see the transition of Vienna for the current era.

Fijis Best Islands to Visit


Fiji is home to over more than 300 little islands comprising of spectacular things. From exploring new environment by hiking to enjoying some of the best water-sport activities, you are bound to have a great time – for instance – Fiji’s VitiLevu, which is the main island and the hub for many travelers, has an airport facility for easier convenience. Check out some of the best islands you should visit during your time in Fiji.

  1. Yasawa Islands – Visiting this island gives you the feeling of being inside a spectacular brochure. Comprising of white sandy beaches, clear waters, marine specis, coral reef gardens and more, the YasawaIsalnds is one of the best islands you need to visit during your time in Fiji.
  2. Denaru Island – With just a short drive from Nadi International Airport, the DenaruIsland is known to be a part of VitiLevuIsland. The Denaru Island is home to some of the finest resorts and hotels along with landscaped gardens, black sand beaches and beautiful spots to witness the sunset.
  3. Mamanuca Islands – If you wish to experience luxury, then look further nowhere as Mamanuca islands offers exactly that. High-end resorts and fancy hotels with awesome service is guaranteed to be experiences. There’s also good news for those who wish to visit this island on a budget friendly, there are bungalows you can rent at low rates. One of the prime reasons many tourists and locals come here is to surf.

The luxury islands of Fiji are surely going to offer an experience like never before.

Some Classic Jerusalem Sites

Welcome to Jerusalem! Here are some of classic Jerusalem sites that will give a quick overview of Jerusalem. In general, it takes several days to really appreciate and explore Jerusalem for the first time, but here are some of the highlights.

You can add other sites and make this heart a complete experience in Jerusalem. You can get best tours of Israel from luxury travel and tour packages at TLV-VIP.

Start with the Tayelet; in the region of Talpiyot. This beautiful open park on the side of the mountain offers a breathtaking view of the old town, Mount Scopus / Mount of Olives and in the background the Judean desert to the Dead Sea. It is full of modern history and is a fun place to relax.

Mount Sion

Explore Mount Zion – David's Tomb, the last dinner and great views of the ancient and new cities of Jerusalem. The valley below is called the valley of Gai-Ben.

Jaffa Gate – Old Town

Enter the Old City on foot through the Jaffa Gate. You have the additional options of the Tower of David or the visit of the old town with the ramparts.

Go down to the souk and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the bazaar, a mix of tourist products, spices, and real market.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

At the bottom of the souk and sacred for Christians at the end of Via Dolorosa. Confirm opening hours before your visit.

Wailing Wall

The western wall is all that remains of the temple complex (destroyed by the Romans in 70 during the looting of Jerusalem). It is actually part of the outer walls. Make a verbal prayer or place a written note in the cracks. Please adhere to the dress code and separate places – not to photograph on the Sabbath.

Why You Should Opt For Bespokes Group Travel

Travelling allows you to enjoy and have fun. When you plan to travel, it is wise to put into consideration the people you want to go with. Having friends and family around you can give you the best experience. Therefore, make a plan of inviting a group of friends to join you in the venture. The article shows some of the advantages of bespokes group travel.

Traveling to a new place needs a lot of arrangements. First, you have to know where you will stay, the eatery and other things. If you do not like planning, then having other people in your company gives you a break. The members will arrange all the requirements for you and make sure that everything is in order. Thus, if you do not have time for the arrangements, invite your friends for the venture.

When you bare traveling alone means that you will pay for every service. Thus, if you want to cut the cost, add other members in the venture. All costs starting from lodging, food, and traveling will be shared among the members. Moreover, when you are in a cluster, there is a strong possibility of getting discounts compared to when you are solo.

When traveling alone, you will have to deal with all the travel stress compared to when you have someone to talk to. Also, when in a new place, you need someone who knows the native language. Having partners will help for some may see the area much better than you. Thus, you will enjoy your travel without any stress.

When you hang out with new people, it allows you to make new friends. In the group, you will find people who share the same interest and make friends with them. Also, its fun to hang around with new people and share different experiences and that way you can enjoy more. So if you want to have fun, invite other people to join you in your venture.

Having fun is the bottom line of the venture. You cannot bear the stress of being alone in a new environment and be happy. Thus, if you want to have a comfortable investment, join in a crowd. There you will have people to go sightseeing and do other activities with. Moreover, you will be surrounded by people with the same interest as you, and this will be even more fun.

Having people around you makes you feel safe than when alone. If you are alone in a foreign country, you may fall victim of pickpockets and thieves. For you to void this, it will be wise to hang out with other people. Also, being around people may limit discrimination in case you want to ask for a cab or other services.

If you like being around many people, then this is the opportunity. Decide on traveling in a group. Many people provide companionship and make the venture enjoyable. In case you plan to move in a group, ensure to choose wisely. Search to know the people in the cluster, so you do not go with the wrong choice. The tips in the article give you clear information about the advantages you will enjoy.