Puncture repair kits have become a standard thing for replacement of car tires and a traditional spare, especially difficult to work car manufacturers to reduce CO2 emissions. The extra weight of the spare tire makes a difference to both the economy and vehicle emissions.

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Puncture kits work by inflating the tire and pneumatic sealing with a gel-like substance. The gel is forced into the car tires with air to inflate the tire. It is designed as a temporary measure, as soon as possible, you should arrange for the tire changed. Many garages will recommend a new tire at this stage. The gel is forced into the tire is very difficult to remove the tire and takes a long time. 

However, the advantage of the puncture repair kit is that it is easy to use, especially when you consider the weight of some tires, 4×4 tires can weigh up to a small child! The flat tire inflation process can take several minutes with the kit and minimal fuss. 

Another advantage with the electric compressor is that you can check to make sure the tire is inflated to the correct pressure. Any loss of pressure could cause other problems down the road, especially if the tire is under the recommended pressure for a long period of time. 

Withdrawal of your car tires to fit the spare tire is not easy because you need to change the wheel. This can be quite a difficult and delicate process when you take into lifting the wheel just on and off the car into consideration, then once the spare wheel is in place, then you have the little bar to tighten the nuts wheel.