The motion to ban plastic straws or restrict their usage has gained much traction in recent months. Here is our final guide to searching eco-friendly options to plastic straws. The very best choice for plastic straws is to refrain from using them completely. Invite the restaurants and bars that you see to just provide straws upon petition. 

But If you continue to favor straws or even demand a straw because of a physical limit, we have compiled the listing below of Eco-friendly Straws  options.

eco friendly straws

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Recyclable along with a more-eco-friendly substance to fabricate glass straws come in many different fun colors and distinct sizes/shapes. Glass also stays cool once you use it to hot or cold beverages. 

While maybe not indestructible, these straws stay sturdy enough for everyday usage and also their transparency can help you get them tidy. 


Stainless Steel straws endure for quite a very long time yet stay recyclable and their silvery color creates a fashionable addition to any beverage. Search for straws using 18/10 stainless steel. This is the identical substance used for cutlery and it will not rust or split and generally leaves no metallic aftertaste. 


Though eco-friendly concerning manufacturing nor recyclable, you may still use the exact same durable silicone straw for several decades. Cheap compared to a lot of choices, they are available in many different shades and shapes. Foldable, flexible, and extremely mobile, it is possible to squeeze silicone straws into small lid openings.