Search for Business Intelligence continues as the company tries to find the perfect balance between maximizing revenue and minimizing costs. IT departments strive to increase revenues by preventing service disruptions and improve business functions and minimize operating costs associated with maintaining both IT staff and systems.

The idea that BI monitoring will help to achieve this much sought a utopian balance has become generally accepted. Just as important as an understanding of the need for Business Intelligence, is the ability to determine the BI solution that meets the needs of a person.

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However, many BI implementations fail to achieve results and in some cases, will lead to increased costs in training or staff. It is even estimated that about 60 percent of the project Business Intelligence ends at an abandoned for one reason or another.

One company, in particular, spent nearly a million dollars on a giant wall monitor that displays all their critical system data. The idea is to increase efficiency but in reality, no one uses it. Since an employee can get the specific information they need to perform their direct duties on their personal PC, a montage of the video screen is not more useful to the productivity of a work of art. 

If both organizations have diametrically infrastructure or process weaknesses, solutions that address the needs of the company may not meet the first two. Therefore, my goal is to arm people to perform BI initiative, more specifically, monitoring, with information that will help them determine what to look for in a product, solution, companies, and/or consultants.