As usual, we like to start with what’s good for beginners. This section is all oil! Why? Because if you’re a beginner this is arguably the easiest to use. If you’re new to pens check out our guide on dry herb vaporizers vs oil or wax vaporizers.

Oil vaporizer pens can either be cartridge-style or tank-style depending on the manufacturer and price range. Of course, there are several different battery styles available for vape pens accessories as well which add to the versatility of these devices.

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The atomizers included with this type of vaporizer are generally small and meant to be replaced with a new one when it no longer produces quality vapor. There is very little information on how long they typically last until they stop performing, but based on our experience you’ll find yourself replacing them a few times a year.

The atomizers used for these pens are generally composed of a coil and silica wick. Atomizers typically come in the form of small rods wrapped with an absorbent material resembling cotton.

This construction is meant to be placed directly on top of the cartridge (which stores the oil) while it is being heated by the battery. This is different from how dry herb vaporizers function in general.

Another important thing to understand about oil vape pens is that most of them (if not all) are meant for use with pre-filled cartridges only. These cartridges are usually made specifically for each brand and type of heating element out there, so using refillable ones will not always be possible due to differences in threading.