Being able to use an Auto air conditioner in The Gold Coast is wonderful but how can you make the most of the system. The best method is to avoid allowing the interior of your car to get overheat, so make sure to park in shade, however, this isn't always possible. If your air conditioning system does not work properly then you can look for experts via

Why Isn't My Car AC Blowing Cold Air?

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Here are some other tips to cool your car:-

Pump out all the hot air: Open the back windows, and then shut and open the door of the driver a few times. This will let out the super-hot air in just only a few minutes. Do not make the aircon turn to full. It consumes a lot of fuel and can take a lot longer because the air conditioner has to cool the hot air.

Pump out the remainder of the hot breeze during your drive: By keeping the rear windows closed and the front window closed when you switch on the air conditioner it pushes hot air to the back in just one minute. However, if you open the windows in front and keep the rear windows closed, the wind blowing from the front is pushed out, however, the hot air from the back will stay. Another option could be opening the sunroof if you have one. The hot air will be forced straight out.

Start the Aircon at a low speed: Even though it might sound counterproductive it actually allows the air conditioner to draw air from outside, which is usually cooler. When you set the speed to high, the unit draws the warm air from inside, which makes it more difficult to work.